Light of the Gospel

What is the Bible

The Bible is more than just a book; in fact, it contains 66 books. These writings include:
Historic – The Bible records how God led the nations that sought Him.
Poetry – The Bible has poems written by people who loved God and sought Him in all circumstances of life.
Teaching – Written in the Bible are the lessons that God told to the people that sought Him and had direct fellowship with Him.
The Bible talks about: God, creation, love, power, sin, death, forgiveness, salvation, heaven, a chance of a new life, and much more.
The entire Bible is written by people whom God talked to, revealed things to, and inspired.
There have been many skeptics of the Bible, but the Bible has stood true, and as time continues more and more evidence is found to support the integrity of the Bible.

Throughout the ages, the Bible has provided inspiration, comfort, and guidance to those who read it. The 66 books in it cover thousands of years, but the past it contains still helps us to make good choices for our future.
There are many different kinds of writing in the Bible: historical narrative, prophecy, poetry, speeches, letters, and so on. The most important is that the Bible is not just a book but the Word of God. It was written by authors filled with the Holy Spirit.
“The Scriptures testify about Me” said Jesus. The main message of the Bible is the good news of God’s work to reconcile the world to Himself through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.
Thus, the Bible is the Christ-centered and Gospel-centered Word of the Lord, and is the foundation for our lives.

What is Christmas?

Christmas is a holiday that celebrates the birth of the Son of God, Jesus Christ. Jesus came into this world in the form of a helpless babe to eventually grow up and die on the cross. He did this to take our sins away by accepting our punishment of death when He had no sin Himself. He then conquered death by resurrecting after three days in the grave, and He now offers us salvation from sins and eternal life with Him if we but accept Him as our Savior. In this, Christmas is not only a celebration of Christ’s birth, but also a celebration of salvation for us.

Who is Jesus Christ?

The Son of God; in becoming a person, He put aside His divine privileges and became like one of us. His death on the cross paid the penalty for all of our sins. He saved us from death, and with His blood, we are made as white as snow because our sins are washed away. Jesus died for us, not because He had to, but because He loved us and He wants us to be with our Father who is in heaven. Three days after His death, He came back to life (the resurrection). Jesus proved He wasn’t just a man, He was and is God. This means that anyone who puts their hope in Him can know for certain that eternity will be spent in the presence of God as a loved and precious child of His.


At Christmas we celebrate the birth of Jesus, but Easter is when we celebrate His victory over death. Yes, Jesus was crucified for our sins, but then He arose from the dead on Easter morning, giving us eternal life. Let Jesus make this Easter a true holiday for you.

If you forget what I have said, you lose nothing, but if you forget what God said, you lose everything!


We all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God and are all condemned. No amount of human goodness will make you perfect and righteous enough to have fellowship with God. However, because of His perfect love, grace, and mercy, He has not left us without hope and offers a solution. “He that has the Son has life.” We can receive the Son, Jesus Christ, as our Savior by personal faith, by trusting in the person of Christ and His death on the cross for our sins. We must come to God in prayer:
1. As a sinner who recognizes their sinfulness.
2. Realize no human works can result in salvation.
3. Rely totally on Christ alone by faith for our salvation.