Light of the Gospel

This dictionary is meant to briefly and simply define common Christian words and teachings.

God – The One who is above all others. He does not have a beginning, because He always was. He is the Creator of all things. He knows everything about us and we will have to stand before Him to give an account for everything we have ever done. He is One of the Trinity: God the Father.

Jesus Christ – He was and is and is to come. He is both fully God and fully man. Jesus came and was born in a body of a human. Jesus was and is sinless; sin has a penalty of death, but Jesus took our place for that punishment and was killed. After three days in the grave, sin was defeated and Jesus came back to life. For a time after the resurrection (coming back to life) Jesus walked, lived, visited people on this earth, but is now in heaven. Jesus is also One of the Trinity: God the Son.

Holy Spirit – Jesus said He will send a comforter after He leaves this earth; the Holy Spirit is God and is one with God and Jesus. God works through the Holy Spirit to lead a person’s thoughts, heart, and conscience to live a sinless life by a process called sanctification. The Holy Spirit is also One of the Trinity: God the Spirit.

Sin – All that is evil in the eyes of God and all that pushes/separates us from God. Sin makes it impossible to have a relationship with God. God does not and will not have any part with sin. Jesus defeated sin. When we repent to Jesus Christ we receive this victory over sin through what Jesus has done. One of the things that the Bible shows us is what God hates, what is sin before Him

Mercy – A punishment withheld when that punishment is deserved.

Grace – A gift given when a punishment is deserved.

Salvation – A gift of grace that redeems us and saves us from hell. This gift is given only through Jesus when a person repents.

Repentance – Being sorry for the wrong that a person has done, asking forgiveness from God for the wrong that was done, and promising not to do that wrong anymore. The most important part of repentance is to surrender your life to God and to follow Him. After repentance, a person is considered “born-again.”

Born-again – When a person truly repents, they “die to sin” and are “born to God;” this means that person on longer seeks sinful actions but actively avoids sin. To be “born-again” means to repent, be saved, and to sanctify your life.

Sanctification – A process that continues for the rest of a saved believer’s life. In day to day life, the Holy Spirit shows/guides us in what needs to change to serve God. The leading of God is through His Word (the Bible) and the work of the Holy Spirit. It’s often gentle and quiet but real.

Death – Our physical death is when our body stops functioning and our soul enters eternity. A spiritual death is the “second death.” It means a person has been condemned to hell for all of eternity.

Eternity – Does not have a beginning and has no end.

Heaven – The place which God has prepared for the saved (those who have received salvation). Heaven will last for all eternity and is the opposite of hell. It is filled with the presence and glory of God.